What is a browser cookie?

Today most websites make use of browser cookies. In many cases browser cookies are necessary in order to provide for a service on the website.

A browser cookie is a small data file sending information to the user's browser for authentication or identification of a user. Among other things, a browser cookie can be used to create statistics about a visitor’s use of the website.

A browser cookie cannot be programmed, cannot collect information from the users' computers, cannot carry viruses, and cannot install malware on the host computer.

Cookies on Xpleo

Xpleo will not save cookies on your computer unless you have accepted them. If cookies are accepted we use them to collect information about how the website is used, enabling us to continuously improve the user-friendliness. Information in statistics is anonymous and cannot be traced back to specific users.

We make use of the following browser cookies:

Google Analytics cookies and Xpleo cookies

Google Analytics collects data about the traffic on Xpleo, for instance, it identifies which sites and elements on the website are used most frequently. Xpleo makes use of statistics from Google Analytics to improve the site’s platform performance and develop new ease of use interface for the users. 

Xpleo cookies registers that the visitor has accepted browser cookies and uses this as default on pages and functions on Xpleo.

What happens if I decide not to accept browser cookies from Xpleo?

Xpleo will not save cookies on your computer unless you have accepted them. You can still make use of Xpleo without accepting browser cookies. However, the web editors urge everybody to accept browser cookies, enabling us to produce statistics on the website and improve the user-friendliness. Also, you have to log in each time you visit Xpleo, as we store your login, in a cookie.

How do I remove browser cookies?

If you have accepted browser cookies from Xpleo it is always possible to remove them again by entering this site. Alternatively you can remove unwanted browser cookies in the settings for your Internet browser.

Why do we inform about browser cookies?

All websites in EU are obligated by law to inform users about which browser cookies are left on the user's equipment. The information must be in agreement with "Executive Order on Information and Consent Required in Case of Storing or Accessing Information in End-User Terminal Equipment”.

The regulations make demands for the website to obtain consent from the user when storing browser cookies on the user's IT equipment.